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Mrs. PiltzMrs. PiltzPiltzville is the “banana belt” of the Bonner area. Nestled along the south base of Bonner Mountain, the homes are protected from the chilling Blackfoot winds.

The Piltzville neighborhood is named for Billy Piltz who came from Maine to work at the lumber mill in Bonner where he eventually became yard boss. The Piltz house was built in 1904, the third house in the neighborhood. On the west side of the first floor of the Piltz residence was a small store operated by Mrs. Piltz.

During World War I, timber on the land just west of Piltzville was cleared and crops were grown on behalf of the war effort. The gardens in the “dry farm” were not too successful since there was no running water in the area and water had to be carried by hand to the gardens.

Most residents of Piltzville worked at the mill. Living in Piltzville gave them the opportunity to own land and their own homes.

In 1971 area residents formed a volunteer fire fighting association which became part of the Missoula Rural Fire District. The fire station was located in the old Fleming restaurant building in Piltzville which has been expanded and modernized.

Today Piltzville remains a residential area, home to many long-time residents.


Piltzville Video

Working at the Happy Bungalow in Piltzville, Montana
Jack L. Demmons recalls working at the Happy Bungalow in Piltzville, Montana, and eating french fries for the first time.

A Fire in Piltzville and Learning to Drink Coffee
A reminiscence by Willie Bateman who as a child survived a fire at the family home in Piltzville, Montana, and learned to drink coffee while staying with a neighbor.